Community Risk Register

Under the Civil Contigencies Act 2004, The Suffolk Resilience Forum is required to ensure that events or situations which threaten serious damage to the people of Suffolk, or our environment, are identified, and where possible, controlled or mitigated against.

The Suffolk Community Risk Register has been produced to assist in this process, click HERE to see the register (pdf, 60 KB).

What is the Suffolk Community Risk Register?

It is a document that shows which risks have been identified to affect Suffolk including the assessment of each risks impact and likelihood. The risks are presented in a matrix that allocates a risk rating according to government guidelines, it is a living document as the Suffolk Resilience Forum members review and update the risks in accordance with the national risk assessments produced annually by the government.

The production of this document also fulfils a legal obligation under the Civil Contingencies Act, 2004.

Further information on risk and risk assessment can be found on the UK Resilience web site (external web site).

What is the Community Risk Register for?

The purpose of the Register is to:

  • Ensure that local responders have an accurate understanding of the risks they face and to provide a sound foundation for planning;
  • Provide a rational basis for prioritising objectives, work programmes and allocation of resources;
  • Enable local responders to assess the adequacy of their plans and identify any gaps;
  • Facilitate joined up planning, based on consistent planning assumptions;
  • Provide an accessible overview of emergency planning for the public and officials;
  • Inform and reflect on national and regional risk assessments that support emergency planning and capability development at those levels.