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Suffolk Resilience Forum Stakeholder Fortnightly Bulletin



The purpose of this bulletin is to give a local update on the Covid-19 emergency from the perspective of Suffolk’s emergency services and public sector organisations.


It is being shared with you as a valued stakeholder in the county so you can understand the key issues being dealt with by Suffolk’s Resilience Forum to support communities through this pandemic. Please feel free to share this with others in your community and networks.




As pupils head back to school and fewer people are working from home, I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that, although we are getting back to a more normal way of life, Covid-19 is still very much with us. We need to continue to act in a Covid-secure way and take every precaution to keep ourselves, and those around us safe.


If you have any of the recognised symptoms you must take responsibility immediately and self-isolate. I appreciate this can be difficult but this really is crucial to reduce the spread of this potentially deadly virus and reduce the risk of a local outbreak.

Rachel Kearton, Deputy Chief Constable and chair of the Resilience Forum’s Strategic Co-ordinating Group  


Coordinated response continues

To ensure appropriate action is taken both in preventing a COVID-19 outbreak and responding to one, we continue to work with all partners across the county to coordinate the county’s response to Covid-19.

Suffolk’s COVID-19 Coordination Centre (SC19CC) is a jointly-led service between Suffolk County Council and local Clinical Commissioning Groups (groups of GPs which come together to commission services) which coordinates the local COVID-19 response, including the implementation of the Local Outbreak Control Plan.

The SC19CC serves as the single point of contact for professionals for all COVID-19 matters in Suffolk and coordinates efforts from local and national government, Public Health England, the NHS and local health services, GPs, businesses and employers, voluntary organisations, community partners, and the public. It is accountable to the COVID-19 Health Protection Board, chaired by the Suffolk Director of Public Health.

What work SC19CC covers includes:

  • Incidents related to COVID-19
  • Suspected and/or confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Providing infection prevention control advice
  • Any professional queries relating to COVID-19
  • Review and close monitoring of local data relating to COVID-19
  • Liaising with the Public Health Knowledge and Intelligence team
  • Liaising with Communications Teams
  • Liaising with Public Health England.


Click here to read the Outbreak Plan’s exec summary.


Love to Ride

Suffolk is backing ‘Love to Ride’s Cycle September’ to encourage people to make cycling the new normal if possible.  Getting on our bikes is a ‘silver bullet’ to solve several twenty-first century problems, such as air pollution, congestion, obesity and heart disease. Cycling is also a crucial part of the recovery plans from the coronavirus crisis both in Suffolk and nationally.

Love to Ride’s Cycle September supports the Government’s effort to double cycling trips by 2025 and to make the bicycle the default mode of transport for short journeys. For more information click here.


Travel survey

As more people return to the workplace and pupils return to school we need to ensure everyone can travel safely & sustainably. To help, we are asking business to let us know what their plans are by filling in a short survey. Click here for more information.


Back to School

As children return to school across Suffolk we know many families may be feeling a little anxious, but they are not alone. Suffolk County Council has lots of information and support on their website to help families manage the transition back to school Visit;




Suffolk Resilience Forum (SRF) is a multi-agency group that provides strategic, tactical and operational guidance and support on the planning for the multi-agency response to a major incident.  The Forum comprises:  NHS, East of England Ambulance Service Trust, Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service, Suffolk Constabulary, Suffolk Police and Crime Commissioner, Suffolk County Council, Ipswich Borough Council, East Suffolk Council, West Suffolk Council, Babergh District Council, Mid Suffolk District Council and the Environment Agency. 

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